How to safeguard Windows xp PC

Windows XP support is ending on 8th April 2014, Should you be worried?


Windows XP is still the most widely used operating system for PCs. Almost 30% of desktop market is occupied by Windows XP all over the world. Microsoft according to the latest announcement, is pulling off the support for Windows XP from 8th April 2014.

 How it will affect Windows XP user

Microsoft will not issue security updates and patches for Windows XP after the support has been pulled off in April’14. This will make your PC vulnerable to attacks from cyber-criminals and hackers. There are lot of warnings through the articles over the internet & print media about the possible attack on the PC running Windows XP which can amount to big damage to your data & personal information.


How to keep your Windows XP PC safe

No support mean no more Security Patches

Microsoft will not be issuing new security patches & updates. But existing patches & updates will be there for you to download. It will cover security threats till now but if any new flaw is discovered, there will be no support from Microsoft. This will let hackers target this flaw and infect your Windows XP PC.

As per the latest announcement, Microsoft will keep security updates till April’14 available so there is no need to worry in case you need to reinstall your Windows XP. But what if Microsoft discontinues this service too in near future? Solution is to create custom Windows XP disc with all security updates applied and keep it for future use.

These are the few things you must do to safeguard your PC

  • Download Install all security updates available for Windows XP till now.
  • Install updates for the other commonly used popular software in your PC like Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Zip archiever, download managers etc because hackers are constantly looking for security flaws in them to gain access to your PC.
  • Install Antivirus Software. Do not rely on Microsoft Security Essentials though it is announced that updates for the same will be available till July’15.
  • The best way to protect your Windows Xp PC will be to install Third Party Antivirus Software. I recommend VirusFix from EnetFix. You can get it here . If you prefer the free one get Comodo Internet Security Free. Download it here. It’s very important to keep software & virus signatures updated.
  • Take care while downloading free content from internet. Read warnings issued by your Antivirus program carefully and take suitable action.
  • While logging into Windows XP, its  better to use Limited account instead of Administrator account so as to prevent hacker attacks.


There is no need to panic for Windows XP users. Just follow the things mentioned above and enjoy working on Windows XP. For Live help call +91 9820303086.